About Us

J.P. Fashions is the sister company of Jassa Ram Shankar Dass (JRSD), Sri Ganganagar Rajasthan. We established our textile business in retail as well as wholesale sector since 1956. Our efforts and diligence have made us a well-known brand in domestic and international lines. Our integrity is upheld by our deliver in satisfaction. We are leading exporters in this industry and strive to maintain our presence worldwide.

India boasts its heritage through custom and cultures which is very much alive and intact in all corners of the nation. The best part about this heritage that we build on is unity in diversity. From architecture to clothes to everything else, there is something so organic and diverse yet so binding in our culture that comes together to form the essence of being Indian. We are like different threads of the same fabric, coming together to represent ourselves as one. 

And with this thought and zeal towards showing our patriotism, we came up with our humble textile venture in 1957 which sprung up as a conglomerate you can see today. You can find authentic cultural items of India from us. We maintain the dignity of trade by providing you with just the best items. We manufacture and deliver the promises we make.

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